Maher Al Smadi

Additional skills, and experience

Education & exams :
– October  1999, medical diploma (doctor of medicine).
– June 2004, I finished the determined training period for pediatric practice specialty, in the Department of Health of Damascus, Ministry of Health of Syria.
– 20/11/2002 1st part of Arab board 2005.
– 2nd part of Arab board written only.
– Medical registration1999, Syrian Medical Association.
– August  2004   ministry of health Syria Specialist in pediatric.

Job Profile:
– Working in NICU dealing with all emergency deliveries and all high risk babies including Preterm & Full term ones.
– Managing all kinds of ventilators including IMV, SIMV, SIPPV, Volume Ventilator, and High Frequency Ventilator & N-CPAP.
– Managing All Intensive Procedures including Chest Tube Insertion, Blood Exchange Transfusion, Lumber Puncture, and Venus & Arterial Catheterization.
– Working in Pediatric ICU dealing with all emergency cases including CPR, Ventilated Cases, and Renal Dialysis Cases.
– Working in Pediatric Ward and dealing with all cases of pediatric with all sub specialties.
– Working in Emergency Department dealing with all emergency cases.
– Running the Pediatric OPD.

Training Courses:
o Pediatric Advanced Life Support ( PALS).
o Neonatal Resuscitation Course (NRP).
o I have attended a lot of Conferences in Pediatric & Pediatric Sub Specialties and Neonatal Conferences.